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Citir Susam Agro
 Citir Susam Tahin Gida San ve Dis Tic. Ltd.


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Innovation is the wind that blows the canvas of a company.




Fair Calendar

CTS Citir Susam represent Turkish sesame sector in international platform by IBA 2012 Munich Fair in its stand at Hall 1. New connections and partnerships were established.

CTS Citir Susam met the pioneers and leaders of global food sectors and established new connections for expanding business in Gulfood Dubai 2013 Fair.

CTS Citir Susam come together with its international partners and improved the current business agreements in Gulfood Dubai 2014 Fair. New concept and product preparatory works exchanged for R&D projects.

CTS Citir Susam arranged its meetings and appointments with existing partners and possible corporation candidates for the Gulfood Dubai 2015 which will take place in Fabruary.

Gulfood 2016 was a milestone for a new and expanded business network.

«TS «ıtır Susam has attended to ANUGA Germany and visited many of its business partners from Europe and all over the world.

CTS Citir Susam will make new connections by February in Gulfood 2017.

CTS Citir Susam came together with its business partners at ANUGA fair in Germany and introduced the New Vision Action Plan.

CTS Citir Susam's business partner CTS Citir Pazarlama Ltd. was founded. The entire range of CTS Citir Susam and Citirmiks mixes are combined under a single sales network.



CTS introduced new tahini packings with a stunning design to its customers soon.

We renewed our tahini producing facility. With latest technologies and highest hygiene standarts we are combining traditional producing methods with up-to-date process management systems to sustain our old and ancient taste of tahini.



Citir Susam Agro
 Citir Susam Tahin Gida San ve Dis Tic. Ltd.

CTS Citir Susam Ltd. was founded in 2010 by pioneers of food sector with over 30 years of experience. One of the most important aim of CTS is to provide qualified service comprehension to all its partners especially wholesalers, bakeries and patisseries.


Facility Working Hours:
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: 08.00 - 18.30
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Bogazkoy Istiklal  Mah. Yonca Sk. No:12/1 Arnavutkoy ISTANBUL

Tel: 90 212 668 8806



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