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Citir Susam Agro
 Citir Susam Tahin Gida San ve Dis Tic. Ltd.


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“Trusted food is a natural summary of high quality raw materials, eligible

 workmanship and advanced production technics.”




Advancing business network

CTS has already offered its innovative services to over 2500 unique customers and getting closer to its both national and international goals. By 2017 the global distribution and online order system for e-trade will be released due to completing the run-on substructure investments.



Innovator approach

CTS is increasing inventories with its solution partners for export market expansions, career classes, development trainings and production consulting to contributing Turkey.

Invest in technology

CTS is offering a brand new viewpoint to solution partners in producing, sales and all service contents with the latest technology. 

With completion of dealer and customer database systems a milestone will be exceeded in interactive Turkish food trade.

Individual solutions for specific demands

Citir Susam organizes educational training
programs for qualified personnel to increase
the labor standarts. European norms are
our minimum requirement.


Citir Susam provides professional manpower
support to bakery sector for both long and
short term needs.


Citir Susam accommodate consulting services for bakery establishments to ensure a more efficient, productive and procreative production process. 


Citir Susam has possession of an advanced
process management system of supply and manufacturing for specific product demands of customers.



Citir Susam Agro
 Citir Susam Tahin Gida San ve Dis Tic. Ltd.

CTS Citir Susam Ltd. was founded in 2010 by pioneers of food sector with over 30 years of experience. One of the most important aim of CTS is to provide qualified service comprehension to all its partners especially wholesalers, bakeries and patisseries.


Facility Working Hours:
Monday - Friday 
: 08.00 - 18.30
: 08.00 - 16.00

Sunflower Seeds
Poppy Seeds Species



Bogazkoy Istiklal  Mah. Yonca Sk. No:12/1 Arnavutkoy ISTANBUL

Tel: 90 212 668 8806



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